It was so delightful to meet you yesterday.  Thanks for producing such an incredible product!

                                                                                                                                                                                       Sandy & Paul

Thank you for sending the pecans so quickly.  I was very happy with them.  I know they are fresh -- look forward to the pies.       Adrienne

Kudos to Kentucky Nut!  I was fortunate enough to find Kentucky Nut on a bicycle tour and have just placed my first email order.  Those munchin' pecans are the BEST.  Brought some home to my husband and now he is hooked!  Thank you.                Jane

I am writing this note to thank you for 60+ years of delicious cakes, cookies and candies using your pecans.  My mother, Geraldine Cook, passed away January 17, 2022 at the age of 95.  No other pecans would do.  My father, Gene H. Cook, was born and raised in Hickman, Kentucky and that is how she began using "Roper" pecans.  Thank you for the many wonderful memories.   The family of G.H. & Geraldine Cook

“I sent your pecans all over the state and to Texas, Wisconsin, New York, etc...getting rave reviews.” Scott 
“Thanks for the speedy service. Oh yum, they are good!" Ginny
“Thank you!  The baskets were perfect.  My mom and uncle are enjoying them very much.  Thanks again.  Have a great New Year.” Teresa

“Thank you for your fast service. They are as good as I remembered - I had to open a package of them and really did enjoy them. I never thought I would get them so quick. I am 93 years old and have always thought your pecans were better than the ones I have had to buy every year. Thank you. Hester

​Thank you so much for the swift delivery of our order!  We appreciate it and the quality products we have enjoyed for several years now!  Best wishes     ​Mike & Vicki

My Dad (89 years old) received his pecans and loves them! His uncle used to live in Hickman (about 50 years ago) and would send pecans to our family every year at Christmas.  This gift brought back so many fond memories for all of us!  Thank You!  God bless!                        Susan

"Thanks!  I enjoyed talking to you!  Your products are scrumptious and your response is efficient - rare these days.           Alys

 “My Ky Kernel nuts arrived yesterday in great shape.  Many thanks for your fine service.”​ Bob

Kentucky Nut Corporation

I have never had the privilege of meeting anyone from your company.  I certainly appreciate doing business with you.  I have nothing but rave compliments about the products I have been sending my clients, relatives and yes, myself, since we started doing business several years ago.       Lloyd

I've received your chocolate covered pecans from a friend for several years and really enjoyed them.  Recently I notice a pound of your pecan halves I had received in my freezer.  Toasted them and I think they were the BEST  pecans I had ever tasted.  Excited about the order I just placed with your company.  Can't wait to share your pecans with my friends during the holidays...and to toast some for me to enjoy.  Thanks so much!  And your staff was very friendly and helpful when I called.     Patricia

My Dad served in the Army for 35 years in far-flung places from Vietnam, to Germany, to Panama, Italy and most points in between.  Every year, my uncle in Mayfield sent a couple of pounds of Roper Pecans (Roper became Kentucky Nut in 1982) so that we were never without pies during the holidays.  Both of them are gone now and I assumed Roper was gone as well.  I am very happy to see that you all have kept up the great tradition of West Kentucky pecans - without doubt the best on the planet.  I'll be ordering soon, but just wanted to send y'all a little love from a transplanted Kentuckian.   Ed McAlister

PHONE 270-236-2662

It always makes me smile to write a check to the KY Nut Corporation!  Thanks a bunch for the special delivery.       Kate

Thank you!  Great always!   A fond memory of our days in Hickman.     Leon    

This is an excerpt from an email we received from a relative of the Roper family (one of the original  owners of Roper Pecan - predecessor to Kentucky Nut).  "I was surprised to see Roper Pecan still exists!  My mother is now 91 years of age...I'm always looking for that special something to send her to cheer her up a bit.  It would be such a treat to send her some pecan treats from Kentucky.  She used to travel to Fulton County, where her father was raised, in summers to visit family.  She will flip when I send her some pecans!"        Julie