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Southern Pecan Coffee 5 oz. Bag ---$5.85

We are so glad that you love our sorghum but we are so sad to let you know we are completely sold out of sorghum!  We will be re-stocking in the fall when the fresh sorghum is ready.  Thank You!! 

    Honey - 1 lb. Plastic Bottle --- $9.45

The 42 oz. jar of sorghum forgot to show up for picture day but it is a quart sized glass jar.

Our honey supplier harvests golden honey from

 right here in Fulton County!

Southern Pecan Coffee 1 lb. Bag ---$12.45

Honey - 2 Lb. Plastic Bottle --- $17.00

Assorted Jams, Jellies and Spreads

10 oz. Glass Jar --- $9.00

         42 oz. Glass Jar --- $14.50

                                      21 oz. Glass Jar --- $8.45

Pure Kentucky Sorghum
           11 oz. Glass Jar --- $6.00

Sorghum, Jams, Honey &

Southern Pecan Coffee

Kentucky Nut Corporation