Kentucky Nut Corporation

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We have a variety of basket styles and sizes such as the seagrass basket and handmade Kentucky  basket pictured here.  The cost of custom baskets will vary according to the basket style and the products you select. The best way to order a custom basket is to give us a call or e-mail us.  Then we can get all the information we need to make the perfect basket for you...right down to the color of the ribbon and the inscription on the card!


Our Sampler Basket contains a combination of Praline Pecans, Popping Corn, Munchin’ Pecans, Deluxe Mixed Nuts, and Whole Cashews in a flat tray basket. The basket style WILL VARY from this photo since we are having difficulty locating wicker baskets in this size & style. 

Custom Designed

Sampler Baskets