Kentucky Nut Corporation

PHONE 270-236-2662

We are located in a small but historic town on the Mississippi River in far Western Kentucky. Our web site isn't flashy and if you visit us you won't find a plush sales office. What you will find are the best new crop wild seedling pecans that grow along the Mississippi River from here to the Gulf Coast. We won't sell pecans that have been shelled and packaged for 2 to 3 years. Even though the wild seedling pecan is dwarfed in size when it is compared to the hybrid papershell varieties, there is no contest when it comes to taste. The natural oil in the wild seedling pecan sets it apart from the large, dry papershell pecan. Many of our products are vacuum canned to preserve peak freshness and maximize the pecan oil and flavor. Our vacuum canned products ship safely, will last for months if unopened and have a resealable plastic lid. Once you open a can we are certain you will find them too delicious to leave in the container. In the unlikely event that you do not use your pecans immediately we recommend freezing the unused portion in an airtight container for future enjoyment. Our nut products are of the highest quality and make welcome gifts. Of course we will ship anywhere! This site features our most popular products.  We will be glad to mail a complete price list of our many products upon request.